52 – Teddy Bear in a Child’s Bicycle-seat as seen on a Fire Hydrant

Aug 29 2012
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Don’t know where to begin with today’s post.  I can’t say I ever expected to title a post in such a way, but truth is, weirder things have happened. I’ve known about the marble fire hydrants along Wellington St. West for a long time now, but until yesterday I always assumed that they just took the shape of foods and as a result, I stopped paying attention to them long ago thinking the whole project was pretty lame. Yet, low and behold, today I am ready to take that back.  After a little research (on the city of Ottawa website), I now know that the eighteen hand-carved marble sculptures by local artists Marcus Kucey-Jones and Ryan Lotecki are supposed to capture much much more than food.  Indeed they a supposed to capture everyday objects.  How the artists thought an unbuckled teddy bear in a bike-seat is an everyday object is beyond me, but I’ll tell you one thing its by far the coolest and my favorite sculpture out of the lot.

[google_map address=’52’ coordinates=’45.399196,-75.734272′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]

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