80 – “Stone Gazebo” as seen in MacDonald Gardens Park

Sep 26 2012
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Don’t be deceived by the warm feeling this picture gives you! I was freezing my butt off while taking it. Where did summer go? I miss it already 🙁

[google_map address=’80’ coordinates=’45.433568,-75.677871′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]
  1. Monique Saint-Amand 

    We called it Borden Park. There was a wading pool with a fountain in the middle. We used to play “Four corners” in the “gazebo” in the summer and slide down the hill in winter. There were lilac bushes in the spring along the Cobourg Street side. It was a place to have a picnic, lie on a blanket, read a book, colour . . . At least, no one has talked of tearing this structure down . . . yet . . .
    Merci pour la photo!

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