95 – “Yellow Fall Colours” as seen at Garden of the Provinces and the Territories

Oct 11 2012
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Another discovery for you today and I know I shouldn’t be surprised considering we have either a memorial, a park or a statue for nearly everything in Ottawa, but did you know that we have a Garden for the Provinces and Territories right here in downtown Ottawa? I can tell you I sure did not. If you have nothing to do, you should go ahead and read the wikipedia page about the gardens, its pretty neat. You get a pretty good understanding of the park’s history and the meaning of the two fountains (you can’t see them in the photo, as they were located right behind me). The wiki page is also full of random facts, one of which I will leave with for today. Did you know that there is a 6 cent centennial stamp that commemorates this garden with Queen Elizabeth in the foreground?

[google_map address=’96’ coordinates=’45.418513,-75.708249′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]

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