105 – “Upper Canada Cranberry Farm” as seen near Osgoode

Oct 21 2012
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We all know Ottawa city limits are actually a lot larger than the downtown core itself. My girlfriend and friends have made a point to remind me of this on a daily basis! So, when my girlfriend came across this article called “Learn how your cranberry sauce gets to your Turkey” by Peter Johanson of the Ottawa Citizen, about Day Tripping around Ottawa, I decided to take on the challenge and photograph places I had never expected as part of my Ottawa Photo Challenge.

Back to my field trip! The itinerary in the article was pretty awesome and truth be told a trip to visit solely Upper Canada Cranberry Farm was worth the time. When we arrived at the farm, we were greeted by one of the workers who immediately offered us a tour of the entire cranberry making operation. We learnt how Cranberries are cleaned, dried and sorted in some of the custom built machinery. The sorting line was probably the most interesting operation of them all, an operation all done by hand. Five people were standing along the conveyor belt picking out berries that didn’t bounce along the line one by one. If you didn’t know, good cranberries bounce while bad cranberries don’t.

We met Mr. Slater while he was working on the sorting line picking out the bad cranberries. He was very happy to see us and even more happy to answer our questions while giving us the history of the farm, and quick tutorial of the challenges of cranberry farming in Ottawa.

Look at all the pictures bellow, they speak for themselves. The farm loves having visitors and the small store has a great assortment of goodies. You can also find Upper Canada Cranberries at the Byward Market, the Carp and Westbro markets on Saturdays and the Brewer Park market on Sundays.

Nine photos past the break…

Photo 1 – The Whole Cleaning and Drying Operation
The Cranberry Sorting Line
Flooded and Mostly, if not Completely Picked Field
One of the Final Fields Still Waiting to be Picked
Mound of Cranberries Waiting to be Processes
Cranberries Pile-up on Top of the Tractor
Piles of Fallen Cranberries
The Whole Cleaning, Drying and Sorting Operation All Under One Roof
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