107 – “Log Cabin Orchard” as seen in Osgoode

Oct 23 2012
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Today’s photo was shot at the Log Cabin Orchard just down the street from where I shot yesterday’s photograph of the Windmill and about five minutes away from the Upper Canada Cranberry farm which we had visited in the morning. The Log Cabin Orchard was our last stop on our little tour of Osgoode. We came to the Log Cabin Orchard to grab ourselves a pumpkin from their self-pick pumpkin patch, but when we arrived, it was already picked nearly dry (check photo bellow). All we found in the patch were two intact pumpkins and thankfully both were in perfect shape. Hard to believe Halloween is only 8 days away!

4 photos past the break…

The Empty Pumpkin Patch


On our way back to the farm house after picking our pumpkins
The old log Cabin
Another shot of the old log cabin as seen from the street
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