145 – The Old Ogilvy’s Building as seen in the Byward Market

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Nov 30 2012
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I was taking the bus yesterday morning when I noticed that the old Olgivy’s building on Rideau street finally had a fence around it. I am sad to see this building go as my GF and I do love the look of it and have had many a conversations about how this building could have housed one of the many new popular chain department stores, think H&M (which is still absent from downtown). With the new fence up, I am assuming that they will begin work on it shortly in order to prepare the walls to be incorporated into part of the new RIdeau Centre expansion. More signs of change for Ottawa and the area…. and of course more construction and more delays down rideau! Happy Friday!

[google_map address=’145′ coordinates=’45.426724,-75.69064′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]

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