154 – The Abandoned Former Our Lady’s School Building as seen as Murray and Cumberland

Dec 09 2012
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I present to you one of the many abandoned buildings in the King Edward and Murray Area of the Byward Market. While I am new to the city, the stories behind these buildings are not and have been the subject of much debate and press for many years. Check this article out from 2005 for a brief history. Sad to say, but it really does seem like these buildings may never get torn down. 

[google_map address=’154′ coordinates=’45.43119,-75.690136′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]
  1. Anonymous 

    I hope they get renovated, not torn down. Ottawa has lost too many beautiful buildings to supposed modern style buildings. We lose our history everyday, and we barely even have one. Renovate, and save our culture.

  2. claudette laframboise 

    is there anything worth saving at this point? maybe they had this planned all along,.. just let the building get so bad it will have to be town down…

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