165 – Holiday Hustle, Last Minute Christmas Shopping as seen at the Rideau Centre

Dec 20 2012
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Yes, you read that right. I dared to venture into the mall yesterday and well, thankfully I came out alive. While I managed to get out quickly enough, I did find some time to take 3 different escalators up to the Cinema Level to grab this shot of what I would like to call “Holiday Hustle”. From this vantage point, I ended up being surprisingly entertained as people tried rushing up and down the escalators, pushing and shoving only to gain a few seconds between floors. Seems like everyone forgets the Christmas spirit on these magical stairways! Anyways, I am happy I don’t have to live it all over again, and if any of you do, well best of luck to you!

[google_map address=’165′ coordinates=’45.425615,-75.69122′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]

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