172 – Shawarma Palace as seen on Rideau Street

Dec 27 2012
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Where to begin with today’s post! I know Christmas has only just passed and that you are all probably still regretting the large calorie intake of the past couple of days. But as a wise man once said, i.e. @Stuntmanstu:


So with that in mind, I bring you today’s photo of a snowy Shawarma Palace, voted Ottawa’s best Shawarma in 2011. If you have never heard of it and you consider yourself a Shawarma fan, I highly recommend you check it out ASAP! Well perhaps not ASAP, but you should consider making your way there a small priority in your life.

Why you ask? The answer is simple. This place is always so busy from lunch till 3 or 4 in the morning (every night) that everything is always so fresh. Don’t believe me? Check out this photo I shot at 3:45 in the morning last saturday night. Do you know a single place in town that will have 2 sticks of fresh chicken and one of beef still going at that time? I surely don’t. Ask you friends, I’m sure you know someone who has eaten here before and that can vouch for the place and if you still don’t believe me, check out the photo of the giant Shawarma Platter below that I had a few weeks back. Under that mound of chicken and beef, you would find lots of potatoes and rice. You can’t say that dosen’t look appetizing. Also if I have one recommendation, don’t forget to get the garlic sauce. It is by far the tastiest in town and it is guarantied to keep the ladies (or men) and/or friends a couple of feet away! It is just that good!

So if you’ve been and your with me on this one, let me know in the comments. If your convinced that there is better in Ottawa, let me know and perhaps I’ll consider giving it a shot! One can never have to much shawarma!

Fresh meat going at 3:30 in the morning, always a treat!
Half Beef/Half Chicken Shawarma Platter
[google_map address=’172′ coordinates=’45.431158,-75.680116′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]
  1. Katy 

    I’m not downtown very often but I go to the Shawarama Palace on Carling near Bayshore. I could really go for a big plate of chicken shawarma for lunch today. There’s no one at work so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind my garlic breath.

  2. Toto 

    The one at Carling is much better than the original Rideau Shawarma Palace. More friendly service, bigger portions, better seating and much cleaner

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