176 – The Sparks Street New Year’s Eve Party as seen on Sparks Street

Dec 31 2012
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So what are you doing tonight? If you still don’t have anything figured out, you might wanna consider heading out to the Sparks Street New Year’s Eve Party! While I wish I was attending, after spending last year in Times Square for the Ball drop, I decided I would spend this New Year’s Eve indoors watching the countdown on the tube with some good friends and some food!

But my indoorness shouldn’t stop you! I will give the organizers credit, they seem to have this event all figured out. As I was walking by on the way home this afternoon, most of the equipment was fully setup, the gear was on stage and sound check was well underway! Heck, the BeaverTails stand was already there and ready to go! Warm treats while celebrating new years, what more could one ask for? Hopefully everything goes down without a hitch and if you get a chance to make it out, make sure to let me know how it was!


BeaverTails is there and ready to go!
[google_map address=’176′ coordinates=’45.420639,-75.698701′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]

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