190 – Parliament of Canada as seen from Chaudière Bridge

Jan 14 2013
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While I do recognize that I took a similar photo of Parliament a couple of months back from the tip of Victoria Island, you will have to live with today’s photo because for some reason taking photos of this beautiful building never feels old. There are just so many angles one can get it from in this city. Anyways, I shot this photo on Saturday just after shooting the Chaudière falls which I posted here yesterday. While I did enjoy the warm weather on this shoot, I am paying for it today! Must have spent way too much time outside because I feel like what Ottawa looks like in this photo, dreadful. I’m basically sick as a dog again. So while I spent my time inside, I hope all of you get a chance to enjoy these last few days of warm weather before the cold returns. Happy Monday!

Update: Photo currently displayed is an updated version of the photo I had up this morning. Thanks to all those who provided me with comments and suggestions. Original is bellow if you want to compare.

[google_map address=’190′ coordinates=’45.421663,-75.71853′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]

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