197 – Senators Wall Art as seen at Don Cherry’s Sports Grill

Jan 21 2013
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While watching the game last night at Don Cherry’s, I realized that I hadn’t posted a mural in a while. I hope you enjoy these cool pieces of wall art from Don Cherry’s Sports Grill. They were done by a S. Samson (at least I think) in 2004 and these are just some of the many pieces that adorn the walls. While the place may seem like a dingy hotel bar from the outside, it has some pretty good service and great deals on food and beer. In reality, I couldn’t ask for more while watching a game. So its worth checking out for sure. I would say a little more about the place, but I am still morning the loss of my Patriots yesterday so you get a short post today. Happy Monday!

[google_map address=’197 ‘ coordinates=’45.428297,-75.686445′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]

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