207 – Make Way for Target! Zellers is Now Empty (Almost) as seen on St-Laurent Boulevard

Jan 31 2013
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Looks like Zellers or at least what’s left of it will only be open for one more day because after tomorrow’s fixture sale, nothing will be left behind. In a way its a sad day for Canada, but in another it’s also time to celebrate as we welcome Target! It will be interesting to see how their arrival plays out and how it will affect retail but until then enjoy today’s photos!

Doesn’t look like this store is closed when you see these carts lined up at the front door
But when you peak inside, it sure looks sad!
[google_map address=’207′ coordinates=’45.427755,-75.637968′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]
  1. Matt Fisher 

    It looks like Target will be going up there after all. I just saw a notice for a site proposal that calls for the old Zellers (and before 1998, one of five former Kmart stores around Ottawa-Gatineau, as can be determined by the ’90s entrance facade when Kmart was doing a mass renovation of its stores) to be demolished with a new two storey Target going up in its place.

    As a footnote, the other four Kmart stores in Ottawa-Gatineau that existed until 1998 were:
    *Bells Corners, Robertson at Moodie (the only other Kmart in Ottawa sold to Zellers, which closed last month alongside the last remaining Zellers stores that won’t be becoming Target)
    *Blossom Park, Bank at Queensdale (now Giant Tiger)
    *Merivale Place, Merivale at Meadowlands (now Winners, The Shoe Company and Mexx, and also used to house Sport Mart, which will soon be becoming Ardene, and HMV, which was used as an expansion of Winners) (close to where I live and where a new Target will be opening November)
    *Gatineau, at Les Promenades (now Archambault Music, Laura and government offices)

    Good job, Chris!

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