220 – Long Exposures as seen at the 417/174 Highway Junction

Feb 13 2013
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After a few days of ice sculptures and Winterlude photos, I thought it was time I bring you something different. Enjoy these long exposure photos of the incredibly busy 417/174 Highway Junction. I shot these from the top of the Cyrville Road overpass. While I personally like the Black, White and Red photos, I also posted full color versions bellow. My only disappointment with this shoot… not having my Neutral Density filter. I would have loved to have done an extremely long exposure of this intersection. Missed my chance at shooting an ambulance, two emergency vehicles as well as some incredibly well lit trucks. There is always next time I guess. Enjoy!

Looking the other direction towards downtown. Notice how only on car drove the whole way in the left lane.
It was busy coming from both Orleans and Montreal!


[google_map address=’220 – Long Exposures as seen at the 417/174 Highway Junction’ coordinates=’45.422025,-75.624733′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]

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