235 – Chinatown Murals as seen next to Shanghai Restaurant

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Feb 28 2013
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Another mural for you today… if you haven’t realized it yet I really do love murals! You just have to check out my flickr feed and my San Francisco photos to figure that one out! Hope you enjoy, and if that don’t work, just think only one more day till the weekend!

[google_map address=’235 – Chinatown Murals as seen next to Shanghai Restaurant’ coordinates=’45.411846,-75.705164′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]
  1. Anonymous 

    Ooooh! If I get the chance I will have to visit it! My favorite so far is this restaurant Ottawa. Hm, hm good! But as for Shanghai restaurant, since Japan’s nuclear reactor blew up, isn’t the fish bad now, or is it still currently getting a supply of healthy fish? I mean even off the coast of Florida loads of fish are having mutations and still have high amounts of radiation in them don’t they?

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