255 – The Last Christmas House as seen in Vanier

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Mar 20 2013
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Well this is an interesting discovery… not only is this house fully decorated for Christmas (even though Christmas was 10 weeks ago), but I really wonder if anything else can fit on this person’s front lawn? I was thinking perhaps the owner was just waiting till the end of winter to take it all down, but a quick look at Google Street View (bellow) shows that this is an all year Christmas house. Anyone have the story behind it?

[google_map address=’255 – The Last Christmas House as seen in Vanier’ coordinates=’45.439927,-75.665714′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]
  1. Ross Brown 

    Someone should call the Christmas Police. Leaving your decorations up year round–especially as ostentatious as those decorations–shows that you’re either A) lazy, B) discourteous to your neighbours, C) insane, or D) all of these.

    Nice photo, though, Chris.

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