318 – Building Number 9 as seen at Experimental Farm

May 22 2013
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Sometimes I get asked: “where do I keep finding new ideas for photos after so many days? Doesn’t it become difficult to find a new interesting location around town?

The answer to that question is YES. It is becoming more and more difficult to find new locations without wandering far off into the suburbs, but thankfully over the past year I have discovered some amazing sources of local knowledge about Ottawa’s history and buildings. For example, today’s photo idea comes via a series of tweets by local artist Andrew King (Site/Twitter) regarding his own discovery of an old Ottawa landmark. The story of building 9 is only one of many I have seen on his feed, so if you like random bursts of information about Ottawa history, culture and the Westboro/Hintonburg area, follow him on twitter as his feed is always full of interesting facts and stories about this city!

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