327 – Four Huge Horses Jumping Over the Arts Court Roof as seen on Nicholas Street

May 31 2013
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Can someone tell me what these guys are doing up on top of the Arts Court? Is it related to an event or something? Wish I had time to investigate but the last 24 hours have been absolutely hectic and as you are reading this I am most likely already on my way or in Toronto for the weekend. If you know anything about it, please share it in the comments. I’ll update the post with the details when I have some time this weekend.

[google_map address=’327′ coordinates=’45.426799,-75.688165′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]
  1. Anonymous 

    So glad I haven’t lost my mind. I asked everyone i knew if I truly was that unobservant to not notice 4 horses on the roof for 3 years since moving to Ottawa! Love to know what it was for however.

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