336 – Sts. Peter and Paul Melkite Catholic Church as seen from theNorth River Road

Jun 10 2013
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It’s late, I haven’t slept much this weekend because of an awesome Ottawa wedding and a 6am departure for Montreal to see the F1 Grandprix. I got lucky and managed to get some tickets at the last minute. On top of that, I was able to make my dad’s day by taking him to the race. We hadn’t been to this event together since 1994, 19 years ago ( I won’t tell you how old I was then, but lets just say I was a foot shorter than I am today!). To sum it up, it was quite the amazing weekend. I hope you all had incredible weekends too.

Oh ya! I guess I should possibly share a couple of words about today’s photo too! I always thought this building was part of the RCMP campus off Vanier Parkway, but I was mistaken. The entrance can be found off North River Road near the Rideau River. Cool building, definitely unique. What do you think?

[google_map address=’336′ coordinates=’45.420805,-75.663971′ zoom=’15’ height=’300px’]


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