365 – “When One Thing Ends Another Begins” as seen in Sandy Hill

Jul 08 2013
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I would like to start off today’s post by saying thank you to everyone who has supported me during this Project 365 and contributed to making this project a reality. I don’t think I could have ever finished it without everyone’s awesome engagement, support and suggestions! I owe many of my favorite shots to you guys and for that, I say thank you, thank you, thank you!

After 365 days, I would also like to report that I do feel like my photography skills have improved (the original goal of this project). Hopefully, you feel the same way and have enjoyed my progression as a photographer. I also hope that you, like me, have discovered a couple of new and interesting things about Ottawa.

Lastly, while this may mark the end of this Project 365, Ottawa Seen 365 Ways in 365 Days will live on. There is still plenty left to discover about this city and I also still have plenty left to learn about photography! Hopefully, today’s final photographs will set the tone for what is to come (yes, I shot a self portrait on a typical Sandy Hill street) but before I share too much, I guess you will just have to check in over the next couple of days to see what I am talking about!

Jane! This last “Thank you” is for you! Thank you for supporting me with this project, for all your ideas and for putting up with all the late night “We Need to Get a Photo” urgent excursions! I couldn’t have done it without you!

  1. Julie 

    Congrats on completing your project! I sit in awe of your perseverance and look forward to seeing what’s next for you and your camera too.

    p.s It was a fun to hear you interviewed on CBC about the project this morning. 🙂

  2. George Schoenhofer 

    I became aware of your project fairly late in your year, but I’ve really enjoyed all your fantastic pictures of Ottawa. I’ve lived in Ottawa for over 30 years, and yet you showed me some places and many perspectives I haven’t seen. I’m really looking forward to your next project, and again, many thanks!

  3. Linda 

    Hello Christophe,

    I’m at work and stumbled upon on an article about you…congratulations! I will be coming back to your site to explore Ottawa and admire your images. What a great idea!!

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