Welcome to the New Ottawa Seen 365 Ways in 365 Days

Jul 09 2013
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Welcome to the new Ottawa Seen 365 Ways in 365 Days – a blog where I showcase my photographs and discoveries about the city of Ottawa, my travels and adventures, as well as my growth as an amateur photographer.

Even with one Ottawa focused Project 365 under my belt, there is still plenty of places left for me to discover and photograph in the Ottawa. This is why I have decided to continue shooting and posting new photographs around Ottawa to the Ottawa Seen 365 Ways in 365 Days blog. While I may not end up posting something new everyday, I can tell you that I do plan on mixing things up moving forward by blogging not only about Ottawa, but more generally about photography, my experiences with travel photography, as well as my occasional experimentation with portraiture and lighting.

As this blog has always been about me growing as a photographer, I feel like it is the perfect place to share my trials and tribulations as I apply what I have learned so far  through my shots of Ottawa to travel photography and my dabbling in portraiture and lighting. Before somebody asks me the question, I am not yet sure what my next big Ottawa project will be. The one thing I can tell you is that I do plan on doing another big project soon, the planning has begun! Hopefully you will follow me as I try to figure it out! Until then, I hope you enjoy my photos and watch my continued photography journey.

  1. jmac 

    Just found your blog from a newspaper article. I really enjoyed the slide show and I’m letting my friends and relatives know about your blog so they can see and learn more about where I live.

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