Remic Rapids Revisited

Jul 22 2013
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I’m back! My first real vacation in nearly a year is over and life in Ottawa is beginning to return to normal. This “normal” has also, thankfully, included having the urge to take photos everywhere I go. If you follow me on Flickr, you will have noticed that I have posted a few photos from my trip to Las Vegas and Fireworks in Montreal. While I must admit that I could have easily have gotten used to the idea of not having to worry about shooting photos for this blog, I did find that as each day went by, I increasingly missed everything that went with it. So with that feeling in mind, I am now back and ready to continue sharing shots from in-and-around Ottawa and from my travels until I can figure out what my next big photography project will be!

So back to photography. As a first post back, I have some photos for you today from a photowalk I attended a few days before the end of my 365. While I wished I could have shared these photos during my 365, I had previously shot this location so I was unable to do so.

Now that I am free from self-imposed limitations and am able to share whatever I want, whenever I want, I hope you enjoy these photos of Remic Rapids, home to the famous Balanced Rock Sculpture Project by John Ceprano. I managed to get back to Remic Rapids last Wednesday and I can tell you that Mr. Ceprano has done lots of work since these photos were taken. There were at least 10 to 15 more pieces up last week and I expect that there would be even more up today, well that is if they didn’t all get blown down during the past week’s crazy storms. Enjoy!

Remic Rapids Revisited

Remic Rapids Revisited: Fly Fishing

Someone was having fun fly fishing. Wonder if he caught something?

Remic Rapids Revisited - Plaque

Remic Rapids Revisited: The Whole Site

Remic Rapids Revisited:  Family of Ducks

Remic Rapids Revisited: Duck Close-up


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