Dows Lake: Photos from my Morning on the Lake

Jul 25 2013
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As some of you know, I had the opportunity a little while back to explore Dows Lake and the Rideau Canal by boat. We had started our adventure at Dow’s Lake Pavilion and made our way all the way to the Lock’s at Carleton University, as well as all the way down the Rideau Canal to the Bank Street Bridge. While I was a little spoiled and managed to snag a ride in a motor boat (I didn’t want to risk flipping over a kayak and getting my camera wet), I kinda wish I also had the time to take out a kayak (which they rent at a decent price at the Dows Lake Pavilion) when I was there so I could have explored some of the interesting little areas around the edge of the lake. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to head back this summer and give it another go! Enjoy!

Dow's Lake-8

Dow's Lake-6

Dow's Lake-7

Dow's Lake-5

Dow's Lake-2

Dow's Lake-4

Dow's Lake-3




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