Nifty 50: Day 1 to 7

Sep 19 2013
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When I finished my Project 365, I was convinced that I would quickly start another project as taking a photographs daily had become a habit of life. As you can see, things didn’t turn out as expected! I recently tried to get back on it, but failed miserably after only 5 days on my latest project, Nifty 50. For this project, I was hoping to take a photograph with my 50mm lens everyday for 50 days. As you can see, I have now taken 7 photographs (I am posting them on Flickr) but I have not managed to get one in each day! Here is to hoping I can be consistent moving forward. For those of you who don’t follow Flickr, I will post a week’s worth of pictures on the blog every thursday. So stay tuned for more!


NIfty 50 (1 of 7)

NIfty 50 (7 of 7)

NIfty 50 (6 of 7)

NIfty 50 (5 of 7)

NIfty 50 (4 of 7)

NIfty 50 (3 of 7)


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