Log Cabin Orchard – Apple Picking

Sep 23 2013
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Went to the Log Cabin Orchard in Osgoode last year to pick-up pumpkins, this year we managed to get there early enough in the season to pick-up apples. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who thought of it as about 40 other car loads of people were there at the same time as well! Normally, I would have taken more photos, but the rain had to mess things up. Wish the weather forecast would actually predict things right sometimes as we were not prepared. Enjoy!
107 - "Log Cabin Orchard" as seen in Osgoode

Log Cabin Orchard (2 of 7)

Log Cabin

Log Cabin Orchard (5 of 7)

Log Cabin Orchard (6 of 7)

Log Cabin (7 of 7)


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