Project Christmas: 24 Days of Beautifully Decorated Ottawa Houses and Landmarks

Dec 01 2013
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It’s that time of year again, the countdown to Christmas is on! To mark the occasion, I have decided to set out and discover some of the best decorated and most festive Ottawa area Christmas houses and landmarks. For the next 24 days, December 1 through December 24, I will post a photo (in some cases many photos) on this blog, as well as the Christmas Lights Page over at If your looking for something to do one night, is defintely the best place in town to discover some of Ottawa’s best kept secrets.

And before I forget, today’s house can be found on Fourth Avenue in the Glebe between Bank and Bronson Streets. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more!





  1. Mark Bell 

    Please feel free to shoot our place at 253 Markland. Let me know if and when you’re coming out. As my lights run to sequences it can be tricky to catch them all on — I can over ride the system though and help set the stage for you though.

    Thank you.


  2. Darlene page 

    Hey there! I would like it if you stopped by my house!! We and some of the nieghbours are always trying to make Craig Henry Drive a special place for the kids. We live in Carling Reality area. I have my lights out and it is a theme decor!! My theme is the north pole! I have made large lolly pops, with gardlandlights and they have ginger bread men one them! It isn’t huge but everyone is impressed! Come by!!

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