In July 2012, I set out to discover the city of Ottawa through the art of photography, a passion I rediscovered after more than 10 years of not owning a camera.

Fast forward two years, my passion for photography is just as strong. After spending a whole year in Ottawa photographing the city each and every day for my Ottawa Seen 365 Ways in 365 Days project, I took what I had learned and focused my time on travel photography.  Yet, after a year of intense travel, the “local tourist” in me continues to want to discover something new about the city of Ottawa.  Whether it be another Ottawa Photography project, or just a random photograph of the city, this site will continue to play host to my Ottawa photographs. I hope you enjoy the collection and perhaps learn something new about Canada’s capital city. 

When not out taking photographs at home, you can normally find me doing one of these things: working for the Government by day, running, sailing competitively somewhere in North America, backpacking somewhere around the globe, and most importantly sharing some food or drinks with all the awesome people I have met in Ottawa. 

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